Inspired by nature and beauty in its essential and purest forms. Distressed textures to create simulations of romantic landscapes.Find here a collection of  mindful art that melts away on any surface. I’ve been inspired by great painters and have put my creation into ensemble of romantic art pieces. I’m excited to share my latest collection of paintings or visit the shop Atelier IVG

The below collection can be sold or custom made upon request please email:

atelierivg-wave-serie-terra-2 atelierivg-wave-serie-green2 atelierivg-wave-serie-ocean2

30 x 40 Acrylic waves canvas in different colours €295,- also or shop the  A3 print €49,-


30 x 40 Acrylic Highlands canvas in different colours €295,- or shop the A3 print €49,-


Other commissioned work: Acrylic poppies field textured – 24 x 30 CM


Other commissioned work: Acrylic morning light raw textured 70 x 90 CM


Other commissioned work: Oil painting raw textured waves 21 x 30 CM

The collection can be made upon request please email: