Chanel beauty fall 2016 – Le Rouge Collection No. 1

Chanel beauty fall 2016 – Le Rouge Collection No. 1 is here in all of its glory.  The French luxury brand has presented a first makeup collection from Lucia Pica, its global creative makeup and color designer. The collection is based on the color red, reinventing this timeless, sensual, and iconic color of passion with both classic and more unusual applications, such as eye makeup.

Red has become the go-to shade for lips, nails, and cheeks. Although Le Rouge. Collection N°1 revisits and subverts the shade, its timeless functions are also celebrated. Chanel brings a flash of red to fingertips with two new nail colors, adding a sophisticated touch to this autumn beauty look.

DIMENSIONS DE CHANEL Mascara  40 –  Subversif

This graphite shade of Dimension de Chanel mascara will come into season in limited edition. If you are chasing after lengthy, dense and fan-like lashes all rolled into one you better hurry up!


STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF Long-lasting eyeliner  929 – AGAPÉ

This smudge-proof silicone-enriched eyeliner to be available in two red brown shades will allow you to dress your eyes any style to your liking whether it be winged cat eyes, double flick or classic bar your eyes will be on fleek.


LE VERNIS Nail gloss    530 – Rouge radical

When fall comes, nothing can better sync up with iridescent nature than red glossy nails. Go and embrace Chanel’s new nail gloss in pomegranate red shade and become just another pretty particle of fall nature.


Le Vernis Gloss Rouge Radical is a bright, orange-tinted red with a gel finish! CHANEL-FALL-2016-LE-ROUGE-COLLECTION-N°1-irenevanguin-blog-review-beauty-rouge-vie-58-lipstick

ROUGE ALLURE Luminous intense lip colour  169 –   ROUGE TENTATION

This lipstick will dress your lips with satin luxury, feeling like your second skin from the very first swipe.


Chanel’s Fall 2016 collection, Le Rouge Collection No. 1 available via or via Bijenkorf


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