Chanel Christmas makeup collection 2014

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Chanel Christmas makeup collection 2014

The holiday season is literally around the corner and all of our favorite brands are coming out with their holiday collections and here is one from Chanel. When I first saw the Chanel Christmas makeup collection, it was one of those OMG moments. The way it glistened under the store light was simply stunning. Let’s have a peek at the Chanel Christmas make up collection. Inspired by the luminous feathers and sparkling diamonds of Gabrielle Chanel’s original fine jewelry collection, the Holiday 2014 colour range from the Chanel Makeup Studio illuminates the complexion with softness and grace. Silver and gold shades flutter against fiery reds and shimmering peach tones for dramatic holiday beauty.

CAMÉLIA DE PLUMESHIGHLIGHTING POWDER: A fabulous piece of jewellery. A beauty accessory. A dream gift. CAMÉLIA DE PLUMES is an iridescent powder embossed with a feather motif in the shape of a camellia flower. It illuminates the face with a platinum shade blending silver and gold shimmers. Presented in a new case with its own applicator brush.

LES 5 OMBRES DE CHANEL EYESHADOW PALETTE: An eye palette for a multitude of makeup looks. Five timeless shades with matte and iridescent finishes: silver white, lavender grey, intense grey, absolute black and antique gold.2 double-tipped applicators:- a sponge tip to apply the shadow as eyeliner or in colour blocks- a brush tip to blend

ROUGE ALLURE 227 VOLAGE: Light pinkish nude look which is perfect for an everyday and yet sophisticated look. Works perfectly fine with the LES 5 OMBRES EYESHADOW PALETTE for smokey eyes.

ROUGE ALLURE VELVET 337 LA FLAMBOYANTE: For fierce eye-catching lips!

LE VERNIS  PHENIX: Never go wrong with red nail polish.


Definitely something for the Christmas wishlist don’t you think?


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