Chanel OMBRE PREMIÈRE mono eyeshadow collection 2017

Intuitive, bold, unconventional, elegant and nuanced, the  both expresses these qualities and encourages the women to express them herself. Utilizing a system of stratification, the palette of mono eyeshadows for this year encourages the women to take a mix and match approach with the entire range; each color can stand-alone or can find a compliment in the others alongside it to intensify and amplify results. Find here, rich cream eyeshadows can be layered under sumptuous powders or glittering metallics for an emboldened effect; a stratification of colors, textures and tastes that both complements each other.


chanel-OMBRE-PREMIERE-mono-eyeshadow-collection-2017-irene-van-guin-review-makeupApproaching eyeshadow from the notion of the ‘second skin’, Lucia Pica brings her extensive experience in providing make-up for photographic shoots to deliver a new kind of mono eyeshadow collection. Here, interesting and glamorous looks can be achieved easily while appearing natural for the women. The stratified application of color and texture utilizes the contrast of matte and shine, satin and metal, to give a more three dimensional view of eye shadow. The introduction of the new stand-alone ‘eye brush’ – following the principle of the retractable lip brush – enables the wearer to easily, quickly and intuitively achieve professional results; the double ended applicator guiding the customer towards application and blending. All together, the OMBRE PREMIÈRE collection encourages freedom, strength and intuition.




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