COCO Mademoiselle ecrin Pick of the day

chanel-coco-mademoiselle-ecrin-review-unboxing-parfum-limited-edition-irene-van-guin-blog-beautyCOCO MADEMOISELLE ECRIN

COCO MADEMOISELLE cultivates the art of harmonizing paradoxes. The essence of a bold and free woman. An oriental fragrance with a strong character and surprising freshness,

Don’t we all just love COCO MADEMOISELLE parfum?  The limited edition COCO MADEMOISELLE ECRIN features now in an exceptional coffret, the iconic bottle (50ml) and a purse spray (7,5 ml) with 3 refills for a perfect way to revive your fragrance throughout the day. This portable size allows you to take the most precious fragrance concentration with you anywhere. Perfect for slipping your handbag, or taking on your travels. Why not soak yourself into some luxury! The packaging is already breathtaking don’t you think?



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