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If I was to change my name it will be COCO for sure. Nothing equals to any Chanel perfume: there is just something and everything about COCO MADEMOISELLE’S freshness and there’s something else and everything else and no words to describe the womanly beast incense in COCO. Both are devastatingly elegant daring and sophisticated. Then comes COCO NOIR maybe its mystically a middle note between both or someone who never wore COCO MADEMOISELLE or COCO they could be swept away by COCO NOIR.  Even Chanel’s website says “COCO NOIR reveals a black that is intimate, seductive, and intensely brilliant”. I agree with their statement. It is noir, but a brilliant, luminous, sparkling, yet incredibly sexy, modern, and sophisticated noir. It’s a multi-faceted noir. Chanel house is a living example of continuous beauty and class.

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