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Flat or curling irons?

Curled up my her in the style of Katy Perry with a flat iron. I think by now most of us realize we can use a flat iron to curl our hair, but is it really worth getting one just for that? 

It takes a little while to get the hang of creating curls with a flat iron, but with a little practice, you will achieve those perfect, bouncy, glamorous curls. 
Flat irons are not as damaging on the hair as curling irons because the flat iron doesn’t have top be kept on the hair as long as the curling irons to create the curl They are versatile styling utensils because they can create straight hairstyles as well as curly hairstyles. Yep…. .I definitely prefer flat irons, the curls look more natural and it’s much easier and quicker. Got mine via

Quite a concidence that Katy Perry is also the new face of ghd! Gosh I love her! Her hair looks always gorgeous and has that 50’s look that I really adore. My hair has to grow a little bit more to achieve that look again! Patience is the key…


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