Dolce & Gabbanna light blue Italian zest



Dolce & Gabbana Light blue Italian zest  / Plated oval drop earring  / Flat top cat eye sunglasses  / Dogeared Triple Karma ring necklace


A fresh twist to the cult scent Light Blue & Light Blue pour Homme, celebrating the joyfulness of a sunny Summer day in Capri.  The newest limited edition duo as a new variation of the iconic Light blue. Light Blue Italian Zest, the new Dolce & Gabbana Eau de Toilette.


For Her: Limoni primofiore, extracted from the tree’s first bloom for their more intense taste, are added to the fruity and floral signature scent of Light Blue, flourishing in a rich olfactive experience. Both the zest and pulp are sensitive to the heat and need to be squeezed according to an ancestral cold pressing technique called “sfumatrice”, producing a true-to-nature essence with gourmand facets.



The fragrance opens with Light Blue’s signature notes of Sicilian cedar and Granny Smith apple brightened by a generous dose of tangy primofiore lemon.



The radiant heart melts notes of glowing white rose with tender jasmine petals.



The base offers a lustrous combination of ambery notes and warm musks.



For Him: In Italian Zest, a pure explosion of fresh bergamot boosts Light Blue Pour Homme’s signature contrast of coolness and sensuality. Shaped like a small yellow orange, citrus bergamia is exclusively grown in Calabria. The essential oil is obtained by peeling the fruit, then cold-pressing the peel to protect its complex, delicate aromas.



The fragrance opens with a chilled cocktail of grapefruit and mandarin, enriched by the essence of fresh bergamot.



The heart combines pepper and juniper facets that add a spicy tang to the rosemary and rosewood notes.



The powerful base combines vibrant incense and musk notes.





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