Essie Christmas collection

essie-christmas-collection-2014-swatches-beauty-irenevanguin-blog-rotterdam-lifestyle essie-irenevanguin-beauty-christmas-collection-silver-jiggle-hi-low-back-in-the-limo

essie-irenevanguin-beauty-christmas-collection-jump-in-my-jumpsuit-red essie-irenevanguin-beauty-christmas-collection-silver-jiggle-hi-low

Essie Christmas Collection

Let the countdown begin… to the most fashionable time of the year! Today’s post is all about the latest Winter collection I got my hands on. This collection makes me think of a winter’s day as the sun goes down – the snow with the white polish, the red and pinks being the colours of the sunset and then Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low being the sparkle in the snow reflecting the sunset. It reminds me of afternoons spent sledging and going home in the dusk. Classic Christmas and holiday shades. “Back in the Limo” could be for those gals who enjoy neutral or even pastel shades once the holidays are over, or for work-appropriate nails. “Bump Up The Pumps” is the only one that doesn’t quite fit the theme for me, but it’s a nice addition for contrast to the collection. My Christmas favorite? Jiggle high, Jiggle low!

What do you gals think about this collection? Which one is your favorite?

Jubilant juicy red – Jump in my jumpsuit

Passionate tourmaline ruby – Double breasted jacket

Raucous coral mauve – Bump up the pumps

Sheer ripe melon – Back in the limo

Molten gold – Jiggle hi, jiggle low

Silken ivory creme – Tuck it in my tux


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