Essie Spring 2016 collection delivers these six shades inspired by Palm Beach, Florida. Like the sun, fashion burns hotter in Florida. the six shades in essie’s newest collection reflect the spirit of Spring in chic retreats like Palm Beach. striking the perfect balance between fashion forward and retro-glamour, this collection is bold, bright and up for anything


Essie Lounge Lover –  You and this pretty pink peach are simply meant to be. hurray for happy endings! This shade is two simple coats to opaque. It’s lovely and peachy in pink. A perfect shade for spring.

Essie High Class Affair - Nothing takes your look to the next level like this amorous blush nude. It’s a gentle apricot nude that gives you outstanding coverage in two coats. You’re going to be tempted to use one coat, but do two thinner ones for best level and opacity.

Essie Pool Side Service - Essie is calling this a cerulean blue. You’ll want to give this one a good shake when you get it to distribute the dark green pigment evenly for uniform colour.

Essie Off Tropic - This lush grove green reminds me of a tropical jungle. The formula on this is spectacular – if you do it right, you can OCW! (one coat wonder) it! Yay!

Essie Shades On –  Super chic but totally laid-back, this mysterious deep violet lets you check out the scene in covert style. I adore this Shades On. Why? Because I have zero dupes for this perfectly creamy OCW!


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