How to step up your picture perfect Look for a Holiday Party

insta-perfect-photo-christmas-lookYears ago the pressure wasn’t quite so intense to be photogenic—wouldn’t you agree? These days, a photo is snapped and before you know it, it’s shared to Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter within seconds. Not to mention, there are are photos being taken everywhere you look! And the selfie game is still going strong.

It’s time to get prepared. To help you avoid hitting the untag button, find here beauty tricks that will help you look and feel better in photos. These tips should come in handy this holiday season as your agenda starts filling up with parties!

1. Always do the flash test.

Since flash photography emphasizes any beauty issue—like foundation that is too light or too much blush—it’s always a good idea to take a photo with flash before stepping out for your party. This will give you a chance to make any makeup tweaks before it’s too late to fix!

2. Powder your nose.

“Excuse me while I powder my nose!” It may sound like an ancient saying that you would hear in old movies, but those ladies were on to something. Even if you don’t have oily skin, lightly dab translucent powder on your t-zone—the area of your forehead just over your brows and down the bridge of your nose. A glowy face in real life can sometimes look greasy in photos, so this trick will prevent it without looking matte. My go-to loose powder is Chanel VITALUMIÈRE.

3. Lashes. Lots of lashes.

Wearing lots of mascara—and even false lashes—will open up your eyes and draw attention to them in photos. Since photography washes out features, it’s always nice to emphasize them as best as possible. Natural false lashes like the number 31 lash from MAC will give a nice impact to your lashes without looking artificial in real life. And don’t forget buildable full-body mascara!

4. Remove the red.

If you have a blemish, try putting a few drops of Visine on top of it with a Q-tip. It’s also a good idea to put a few drops into your eyes before applying makeup to make them look whiter and brighter!

5. Selfies are all about the angle.

When taking a selfie, hand the camera to the person with the longest arms. Hold the camera up and face it down at a slight angle. Also, you don’t want to be the one standing the closest to the camera or you will look disproportionately larger!

6. Avoid SPF.

SPF will create a white-cast in flash photography, even if it’s just a little in your foundation. It’s best to completely avoid it at night when you know pictures will be taken.

7. Make your teeth appear whiter.

Wearing a blue-based lipstick will give the illusion of whiter teeth. Since a red lip couldn’t come at a better time than at holiday parties, here are a few of my favorites:


8. Fill in your brows.

Brows are face framers and having a well defined brow can make all the difference—especially in photos. Since photography can lighten our features, spend the extra time shaping your brows. The Lancome Longwear Eyebrow Pen makes filling in brows easy and natural with a felt tip pen that applies the perfect amount of product with each swipe.


9. Bright eyes ahead.

Skip the sparkle in the inner corners of your eye. It doesn’t always translate well on camera. Instead, brighten the inner corners of your eyes and under the eyes with a highlighting pen like the Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener. This will leave you looking bright eyed and refreshed.

10. Line those lips!

Since parties include chatting, sipping, and eating, that poor lipstick won’t stand a chance on its own. To set up a good base, try a liner first – try the MAC Pro longer lip pencil!  The shade is flattering for all skin colors and is light enough to go under any other lip color. This will keep your lipstick from feathering throughout the party.


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