Hydra beauty the hydration needs of every woman



HYDRA BEAUTY responds to the hydration needs of every woman, regardless of age or skin concern. HYDRA BEAUTY Lotion is the essential prelude to every beauty ritual, no matter what the skin type. Daily environmental aggressors and repeated cleansing steps can damage the skin’s hydrolipidic film. Its barrier function weakens. Fragile and dehydrated, the skin is no longer receptive to the benefits of skincare products. The hydrating and protective power of this gel-like lotion is an indispensable source of balance for skin.
Its rich, comfortable texture transforms into an exquisitely soft, water-like texture. Its delicate fragrance with fruity notes and a light floral heart adds sensoriality to the beauty step. My skin feels soft, comfortable and radiant!
New to the collection: HYDRA BEAUTY MICRO GEL YEUX. Featuring patented micro-droplet technology to intensely hydrate and replenish the eye area. The comfortable texture of the micro gel yeux melts onto the skin and delivers an incomparable sensation of freshness and softness.
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