Le weekend de chanel

Chanel Skincare Le jour, La nuit, Le weekend  de Chanel available here  / H&M Wool knee socks
Rise and shine
CHANEL creates LE JOUR, LA NUIT and LE WEEKEND: 3 complementary skincare products that restore skin’s fundamental functions and resynchronize its natural rhythms every day. Reactivate in the day.
The 1st skincare product of the ritual, LE JOUR DE CHANEL gives skin the energy it needs and helps it continuously adapt to its environment. The jasmine complex reactivates a fundamental mechanism of energy and cellular vitality. It helps skin adapt to its environment. Micro-dosed salicylic acid provides gentle and gradual exfoliation. Pores are tightened and the complexion looks even. Skin is smooth and luminous. The texture: fresh, translucent, melt-away.
The 2nd skincare product of the ritual, LA NUIT DE CHANEL envelops the skin in a soothing cocoon. Every night, frankincense extract calms cells excited by the assaults of the day. A time-released hyaluronic acid helps skin recharge all night long. When you wake up, features are rested. Skin is supple and plump. The texture of LA NUIT DE CHANEL: white, enveloping, comfortable
The 3rd skincare product of the ritual, LE WEEKEND DE CHANEL resurfaces the skin weekly. May Rose water, combined with a high-tolerance glycolic acid complex specific to CHANEL, exfoliates and lastingly hydrates. Cellular renewal is stimulated within the epidermis. Skin texture is refined. Skin is replenished, softer and more luminous. The texture: velvety, milky, silky


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