Skin solution for millennials

Summer, we heart you and your endless beach days. These quick (and easy) Shiseido solutions will have you looking gorgeous all season long. Ready for that fresh and glowy skin look? I combined different Shiseido products in 3 steps:


Cleanse the skin with the Extra Rich Cleansing Foam. A luxurious foaming cleanser that effectively removes impurities while retaining skin’s essential moisture, leaving skin fresh and smooth. Prepares skin to enhance the benefits of the following treatments. Improves skin’s overall condition for a brighter, even complexion.


Radiate the skin by applying Eudermine – a treatment lotion, pure, transparent, supple to the touch, impregnating the skin, ideally conditioning it, revitalizing it with total safety, smoothing it to perfection, making it bloom. Subtly perfumed with an accent of rain-washed peonies, which seems to relax your entire being. Your epidermis radiates, its softness evoking that of a flower petal.



Activate your skin’s defense system with Ultimune. Give your skin the strength it needs. Skin defense system is fundamental for healthy looking skin. Your skin texture is smoother and more supple.I have to admit that I noticed visible results as my skin texture is much more hydrated




Ibuki – my fav! This is specifically formulated for skins in their mid 20’s to early 30’s, Ibuki, is a skincare line that will breathe new life into unpredictable skins.IBUKI skincare offers your skin a consistent approach, to HYDRATE dryness, perfect skin texture by eliminating oiliness, breakouts, roughness and visible signs of fatigue, and prevent against damage caused by harsh environmental factors that your skin is exposed to everyday.



 Tip! Use the Shiseido Beauty Sleeping Mask, an overnight leave-on gel that simulates the effects of a deep state of sleep—helping skin recuperate from the external stresses it endures all day long. Contains condensed vitamin capsules, leaving your skin looking and feeling fully refreshed.Apply before bed and let its magic work until morning. Skin will look radiant, dewy and well-rested, even after a night of inadequate sleep.


*PS. I used no make up in this photoshoot – bare skin with happy results :)

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