Teaface mask

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Teaface mask is a glorious mix of TinyTea granules combined with healing high grade essential oils. If you’re on instagram, you’ll probably have come across the brand Your Tea before.  They make a series of different teas with various health benefits.

Your Tea have now turned their tea making skills to skincare, and have brought out a face mask called Tea Face which is made from tea! Add to that amalgamation; an exotic scent of ylang ylang to soothe one’s soul. Pamper your skin with natural products, straight from the earth and back to you. TinyTea granules combined with healing essential oils bring you a face scrub and mask all in one. Their oils are sourced from various areas of the globe where they are inherent to being produced. A little goes a long way with this fantastic scrub mask for that perfect hydrated skin. Just smooth on and Tiny Tea granules mildly does the rest leaving your skin refreshed and glowing. The scent of this mask is different than others as it really smells like tea instead of perfume. A completely pleasant surprise!




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