The eyeliner review

I’m an eyeliner girl and I have tried thousand of eyeliners, liquid, pencil and gel liner you name it! Please find below my Top 3 eyeliners I’ve been using lately.
1. Bodyshop Liquid eyeliner 02 (brown) + Easy in use and perfect for a natural look! Does not smudge or skip. Stays on the whole day without retouching. In my opinion, best eyeliner in the market.  - Priced  11,50Rating ✮
2. Hema soft eyeliner + Perfect for starters. The applicator is like using a calligraphy pen, compared to a felt tip marker. Lovely line, long-wearing, very easy and very cheap  3,50- It dries out way too quickly. Be prepared to replace every month if creating thick cat eyes  Rating: 
3. M.A.C. liquidlast liner (waterproof)+ Perfect for a very precise Cat eye look and PANDA proof look cause it won’t smudge  - Waterproof liner quite hard to wipe off and get’s lumpy after a month. Priced €20,00 Rating: ✮ 



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