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Bringing out natural beauty

Of course it’s possible to create some BB cream yourself, but everyone knows that it’s easier to buy a product which is based on high quality and improved with some extra ingredients that will not only make your skin look smooth but provide it with special substances. If you take a look at the BB cream product on this website, you will discover that it does not only consist of foundation color and moisturiser but also includes bisabolol and panthenol to calm stressed and reddish skin.

Minimalism in 2013

Having a look at the make-up trends for the next year, you will see that natural looks dominate fashion. So BB cream is more or less essential for every fashion victim out there! The highlights should only be set by using some bright pink lipstick.

For the perfect minimalistic look you’ll need:

  • BB cream Take a bit and gently put it on your face. It’s important to massage it in until you don’t feel it underneath your fingers any more.
  • MascaraLess is more when it comes to highlighting your eyes. The mascara should only be used to add a nice swing to your lashes, not to extend them notably or paint them dark.
  • RougeIt’s important to also apply it sparingly, since you should not look as if you just came out of the cold, but well-rested and fresh. So use some light pink and add some irresistible flush to your face.

Don’t be afraid that all the beautiful colours you have in your vanity case are of no use anymore! When going out for a night with the girls, you can absolutely go a little over the top – especially when it comes to eye make-up. If you are putting on make-up for the evening, you can easily apply some classic glossy silver tones and combine it with some black eyeliner.


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