Richard Lindvall – a Stockholm based designer predominantly working with interior design and concept direction, but also within a number of creative fields such as photography, publication and graphic design. Striving to always make his projects completely unique, Richard also designs furniture and decor that is incorporated into each of his interior projects. Richard is simultaneously driven by functionality and aesthetics, resulting in spaces that are at the same time spectacular and minimalist, exclusive but welcoming! A gray scale with materials like concrete, valchromat and brushed steel are recurring throughout the apartment. In contrast to this, three brass cubes was built that all serves a unique function, a kitchen island, a closet and a coffee table.

hometour-RICHARD-LINDVALL-interior-design-irene-van-guin-7 hometour-RICHARD-LINDVALL-interior-design-irene-van-guin-2

hometour-RICHARD-LINDVALL-interior-design-irene-van-guin-3 hometour-RICHARD-LINDVALL-interior-design-irene-van-guin-4 hometour-RICHARD-LINDVALL-interior-design-irene-van-guin-5hometour-RICHARD-LINDVALL-interior-design-irene-van-guin-8
Ph. via Mikael Axelsson

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