DIY black dye

DIY dye your black faded jeans

Dylon fabric dye 
salt (if your dye calls for it on the back) 

As seasons change, colours fade and fashion trends evolve leaving you with a much loved but tired pair of jeans. Rather than saying goodbye to your favourite yet faded denim, say hello to Dylon’s new range of Machine Dyes and breathe a new life into your wardrobe.    

How to: 
Add dye directly to drum inside machine; do not use the dispenser tray. Cover dye powder with 500 grams of salt & add fabric to be dyed.  Run warm wash (40°C) delicates cycle.  Now for the wash-off cycle: leave clothes in the machine and run warm wash (40°C) cycle with detergent to remove excess dye.  Dry fabric away from direct sunlight & heat, do not tumble dry after dyeing.  Clean machine cycle: add detergent & run warm wash (40°C) cycle with machine empty.

Wootwoot a whole new wardrobe that is waiting for you!


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