DIY customized jeans

My DIY jeans project

No woman should be without a pair of well fitting jeans. I don’t care if they’re wide leg, boot cut, flare leg, or skinny. If they fit you properly, they’ll work. Jeans are the perfect combination of comfort and style. While trends in denim may come and go you can also make your own trend. Remember my DIY post about dying faded black jeans? find it here
Zippers, can be very annoying but I think it’s the most wonderful thing. I love everything with zippers it’s such a statement item. I’m thinking about adding this element to the front pockets of
my jeans! Sounds edgy ha?!


How to:  
Firstly, wet the blue jeans. Add  the dye directly to drum inside machine; do not use the dispenser 

tray. Cover dye powder with 500 grams of salt & add fabric to be dyed.  Run warm wash (40°C) delicates cycle.  Now for the wash-off cycle: leave jeans in the machine and run warm wash (40°C) cycle with detergent to remove excess dye.  Dry fabric away from direct sunlight & heat, do not tumble dry after dyeing.  Clean machine cycle: add detergent & run warm wash (40°C) cycle with machine empty. When the jeans is it dried up your totally ready for the next step. 

The zipper: you only need one row > one side of the zipper detailing otherwise it’s just too much. Let’s keep it simple and minimalistic. Measure the pocket lining and cut the zipper in the same size. Use some fabric blue to secure it or sew it with a needle and black thread on to the inside of the pocket. 
Et voila… the result, super edgy jeans.

wearing: Mango coat / H&M trend top / Noisy may jeans – april / Nude mary janes / Charles and keith bag


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