diy hair

DIY hair extensions

The use of clip-in hair extensions is a quick way to extend your hair and/or to provide volume. Clip-in hair extensions are applied quickly and easily without damaging your own hair. These extensions are made out of real human hair. The difference between synthethic and human hair extensions is that human hair extensions looks much more natural. Hair extensions made of real human hair can be dyed, curled or straigtened, just like your own hair!

The Princess Super Deluxe Set contains a total of 10 pieces.  
A set of 180 grams contains:  
2 x 2,5 cm with 1 clip 
3 x 10,2 cm with 2 clips 
4 x 15,2 cm with 3 clips  
1 x 20,3 cm with 4 clips (Quad Weft)


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