DIY marble chocolate box for Valentine’s day


diy-marble-chocolate-boxes-almost-makes-perfect   marble-valentines-chocolate-boxes-almost-makes-perfect


 DIY marble chocolate box for Valentine’s day

Here’s a super easy way to makeover cheap chocolate boxes from the drugstore, along with an item you can also buy at the drugstore, contact paper!

so basically, you wrap marble paper onto your chocolate box! it’s a little tricky around the sharp edges and rounded curves, and it really doesn’t look that amazing once you open it — but it’s valentines day so it’s the thought that counts. also, they won’t notice because it’s filled with chocolate.

To do the edges of the box, i just layered little pieces on top of each other. the sides i use long skinny pieces and the top i just laid a big piece on top. then trim. then give.


Images & text via almostmakesperfect



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