diy tree branche

DIY wall decoration

DIY ideas for temporary spaces is a great way to jazz the place up. Every room should have a statement piece, something that acts as a focal point and adds a finishing touch. Unfortunately, statement pieces often cost too much to invest in on a tight decorating budget. Make your DIY projects count and use them to reflect bits of your personality and taste.

You will need: 
- 1-2 branches, washed and dried (sturdy enough to hold ornaments)
- White spray paint

Sand off the rough spots where you’ve clipped and any nubby patches. Gently blow or wipe off the dust from sanding.
To paint your branches white, choose white spray paint. It’s safest to spray the paint outdoors. Let it dry for 24 hours. Et voila!

I have decorated mine with dried baby’s breath, vintage hat & glasses, Soap fish, paper written with a nice quote;) 


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