hair do

1. Sock bun
2. Hair elastic
3. Bobby pins
4. Hair Straithner
5. Hair spray

Ballerina Bun for Short Hair
For best results begin with slightly damp hair. It may help to wear the elastic bands around one wrist until they are ready to be used. 
Part your hair to the left side.
Brush out your hair and secure hair into a ponytail with an elastic band. Where you place your ponytail will be where the center of the bun rests. The higher the pony tail, the higher the bun placement. You can smooth out the hair, creating a sleeker ponytail for a more elegant bun, or allow a few wispy pieces, for a less kept, playful bun.
Use bobby pins and hair pins to secure the bun (placing them under the bun to help hold in place, securing any loose pieces). Check to make sure there are no places where the sock is visible. If you can see the sock, just spread the hair and secure with a pin.This style ends up looking like you just stepped out of the hair salon. 
Take the sock you rolled and pull the hair from the ponytail through the center of the doughnut, and spread the ends of the hair around the doughnut

Add more hairspray to make it look tighter and more rigid, or none to let it unravel a bit for a slightly more laid-back look.

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