How to wear a backless dress?

Just because the dress you love doesn’t work with traditional bras ( Hello openback, cut outs & deep V’s ), doesn’t mean you have to go unsupported. Always wondered how Hollywood stars wear their dresses? 

It’s always a struggle to wear gorgeous backless dresses. Finally found a solution to wear this dress as it has a cutout in the front and a very low V open back. The Bye Bra is a simple solution to quickly and effectively enhance the breast without the need for surgery or even a bra! Bye Bra is made of very thin and flexible self-adhesive foil, shaped like a horseshoe, with which it is possible to position the nipples upwards by several centimeters. etcetera. The silk nipple covers are light and unfortunately not reusable. The glue and material is for one time use. That makes them less visible in for example satin dresses where the larger silicone nipple cover might be more. The result? A flawless look without straps!


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