DIY choker – back to the 90s

I’m a 80’s kid. When I was younger, I went all the way in the nineties fashion trends; high platform shoes, bindis, bandanas, short tops and choker tattoos of course! My heart skipped a nostalgic beat when I noticed on Pinterest and Instagram that the choker is back! I love being creative and scooped out my DIY supply on how to make your own choker. Best of all, they’re low cost and simple to make (no sewing skills required).

You will need:

A length of ribbon at least 14 inches (though I have a fairly small neck).
I used black satin ribbon from a sewing store, and buttons from the craft store.

A decorative centerpiece: I used an old crystal necklace
other ideas include: beads, diamonds, miniature letters, hardware.

Scissors, ruler, needles & thread, lighter.



Once you’ve reached the length you want, cut it and put it against the fire to get rid of the raw edges.


Sew up the button at the ends…

diy-choker-satin-ribbon-button-upEt voilà! You’ve created your own personalized choker!




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