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 Everyday Jewelry

Looking for everyday jewelry? Esprit jewelry has the ultimate in everyday jewelry. Their versatile jewelry collection is easily to mix and match. When it comes to jewelry I’m a minimalist. I do own a lot of pieces but I love all them which is why I don’t see a reason in saving them for special occasions. I wear my simple jewelry everyday whether it’s casual or chic. Sparkling jewelry gets you noticed! Whether you’re searching for a look for a night out, or are trying to find the perfect finishing piece for your outfit of the day, these sleek pieces in silver are a great budget-friendly alternative.

Shop the look:

Esprit Necklace  – Tiny necklace, pendant with a small, round setting and a sparkling solitaire

Esprit earrings – Stud earrings with three round setting with facet-cut stones

Esprit earrings – Sweet Parfait, stud earrings with three facet-cut stones in a round setting

Esprit ring – Brilliance Silver, ring made from delicate bands set with shimmering gemstones

Esprit ring – Double Delicate, connected double ring – shank 1: red gold plating + solitaire, shank 2: row of stones






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