(Vintage dress & trenchcoat, paired with comfy Birkenstocks)

Such a shame right to pair a great dress with some ugly shoes haha. A quite funny/casual look instead of looking all dressed up
Just had lunch at Vapiano. A recently opened restaurant (june 21010) in Rotterdam in the market square across the church and the library, is a German-franchise. But it’s concept is very Dutch. The famous saying “going Dutch” or splitting the bill or paying for what you eat up to the last cent, took an almost literal meaning here. When you walk into the restaurant, the first thing they’ll do is to give you a card which you can use to order food. For the Dutch, this eliminates the hassle of calculating how much one has to pay. You pay for what you eat. Unless your companion takes care of your card. The serve mainly Italian food, pizza, pasta, salad. I would not say the food is beyond the normal taste of Italian dishes served in this country but for the price that you have to pay, you definitely got a good worth for your money. For an affordable and fun casual dining, this is the place to be. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Address: Vapiano / Binnenrotte 140 / 3011 HC Rotterdam /  Tel: 010 4129872


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