Heeled Trends for Summer 2016

irenevanguin-heels-shoe-trend-2016-summer-gucci-jimmychoo-blogHeeled Trends for Summer 2016

People may be all about sneaker fashion right now, but our heels will never stop being a crucial part of our wardrobe. While there are endless ways of matching our outfits with tennis shoes, trainers simply don’t have the same wow factor as the perfect pump or wedge sandal, giving that extra confidence boost with every inch provided by the heel. Thankfully, Elle has demonstrated that we have a variety of heels to look forward to after the summer months, but for now, let’s check out the summer heels that you should have for the current season.

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The editors of the women’s shoe and apparel retailer Lyst have curated a number of styles as a guide to complete your dream collection. To help narrow the selection down for you, here are the top trends to be experimenting with all summer long:

Block Heels
If you were ever looking for an alternative for stilettos in the office, the block heel is ready to give your feet the much needed rest. It’s all about the lower, chunkier heels this season as more designers add a comfortable twist to fashion. An essential for the summer as noted by Pop Sugar, these heels may find a permanent place in your wardrobe throughout the year.

Another popular footwear choice as observed in the Spring/Summer 2016 fashion runways were wedges, which have always been friendlier to our feet compared to our sky high shoes with needlepoint heels.

On days you’re too achy to put on heels but aren’t willing to sacrifice height, opt for a pair of flatforms. Harper’s Bazaar shows the inches that have been added to sandals, as the play-on platforms remain an important silhouette for those that believe style doesn’t always equate to pain and discomfort.

Slip into your mules for an effortless way to finish your outfit. Suited for daytime activities and nighttime affairs, these shoes are an easy choice for the office and after work drinks.

What is your favorite shoe trend for the summer?

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