House of Eléonore launch – FairTrade gold



House of Eléonore

The brand-new jewellery line by House of Eléonore is highly inspired by the simplicity of timeless, ethically minded jewellery designs. Based in Amsterdam, House of Eléonore is a jewellery startup which is specialized in sustainable luxury. The brand stands for truly transparent, ethical and sustainable supply chain by using exclusively conflict free and lab grown diamonds and FairTrade gold.

FairTrade gold that is exclusively from their partner mine in Peru, called Sotrami. Miners have safe working conditions, are paid a fair wage, have access to health system and education. The origin of gold is totally transparant. Worth mentioning is also a captivating idea of grown diamonds that are environmentally sustainable with an almost non-existent carbon footprint. Created under identical circumstances to nature. These laboratory grown diamonds are conflict free!

Co-designer Tessa Packard designed a collection that was inspired by the tropical island of Papua New Guinea. Think of fluttering birds of paradise, colourful plants, delicate orchid buds and bamboo. Paradise is a collection as rich in narrative context as it is in unique, decorative form. This collection is a true beauty that astonishes with uniqueness and a strong concept.

Ph. 1 & 3 ©FlorisHeuer

Find more photos on House of Eléonore instagram

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