Yes we have like a late summer in the Netherlands. What else do you need to pull out of your closet? a jumpsuit ofcourse! I have this thing for jumpsuits but they are actually very unpractical when you have to gogo;) anyway fashion is not always as convenient. I found mine via www.ellos.co.uk and I have to say they have quite nice jumpsuits. Mine has like the vintage touch, like I am straight from the 90’s! The photo has that dreamy 90’s vibe ;) 

There are some trends that I am ecstatic to see go and then there are jumpsuits; a short lived trend that always seems to make an impressive and exciting returning every few seasons. Jumpsuits are like a beautifully recurring dream.The main reason I think that they are gone is people didn’t like having to go to the bathroom with them.Truth is I never minded.  I just loved the comfort of them! Let me know what your experiences are with jumpsuits!


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