Magic body shape up

Magic body fashion Shape up dress find it HERE , Full slip dress HERE, Sticky Push-up HERE

My little secret of how I wear my favorite wedding/party/prom dresses to create the optimal figure corrections, for a perfect slim and natural look. Remember the scene in gossip girl? How Blair Waldorf always wear sexy underdresses underneath her pretty gowns? Meet the SHAPE-UP DRESS! Perfect as a dress or as an under slip. This sexy black dress is slimming and will correct your figure beautifully.
This dress is by MAGIC Bodyfashion and is made from the newest technological advancement in fabric: Lycra beauty. MAGIC has been a leader in Shapewear and figure-correcting production. The instrument in the evolution of earlier corsetry into the luxury, comfortable shapewear of today. That’s why I needed to share this secret with you. I Can’t go without these shape up dresses as it makes me much more confident. ‘Cause the seams of my underwear are always on my mind. Finally there is something seamless to make it work! A wide range in BODYSHAPING is available and each product performs a particular function. Some BodyShaping products provide added value in terms of style, for example using luxury lace or new innovations and newly-developed fabrics.

I’m sold and you?


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