My Paperbag

Let me introduce you the perfect companion for work or school! The inside of this bag is padded so you can carry your MacBook of Laptop or books safely. The cords, mouse and papers will be stored away. You can carry this bag in your hand, over your shoulder or crossbody on the bicycle.

MYPAPERBAG was designed by Ramón Middelkoop, who was inspired by the shabby and dirty paper bag of a homeless person. The shape of the paper bag was still of great beauty and therefore reason enough to design a long lasting piece which since 2011, has been made of 100% tanned buffalo leather. The bags are handmade in Tarun Paul‘s fair-trade certified factory in India. This leather product has been produced without using heavy metals or harmful chemicals which could potentially damage our environment. 

   Go for 100% Fair, Eco & Design!


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