Nautical in a double breasted blazer

irenevanguin-lifestyle-fashion-blog-la-redoute-webshop-french-double-breasted-blazer-dear-frances-pepejeans-nautical nautical-in-double-breasted-blazer-irenevanguin-lifestyle-fashion-blog-la-redoute-webshop-french-je-ne-quoi-style-lookirenevanguin-lifestyle-fashion-blog-la-redoute-webshop-french-double-breasted-blazer-pepe-jeans irenevanguin-lifestyle-fashion-blog-la-redoute-webshop-french-double-breasted-blazer-pepejeans-dearfrances irenevanguin-lifestyle-fashion-blog-la-redoute-webshop-french-double-breasted-blazer-rotterdam-pepejeans-dearfrances

 Nautical in a double breasted blazer

When I think of French women, I think of beauty. The French have long been associated with beauty, style, and grace. There is something about French women that has become classic. Both effortless and timeless in relation to beauty. But what makes them beautiful? For example this nautical in a Blazer-Style Double-Breasted Jacket with Tailored Collar from La Redoute in the color navy is something every French woman has in their closet. This blazer matches perfect with a burgundy chunky knitwear for that ‘je ne sais quoi-look. The French phrase je ne sais quoi, meaning ‘I don’t know what’, means something special that we can’t exactly pinpoint, but are fondly attracted to when it comes to someone or something. And as it is a French term, it seems fitting that it tends to accurately describe the style.



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