Noosa Amsterdam Pachamama

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NOOSA Amsterdam Pachamama

NOOSA-Amsterdam launched their newest Pachamama collection from NOOSA Amsterdam Original collection. NOOSA Amsterdam founded by Nathalie Mangnus and Alette Zeijlstra, who were inspired by the cultures and symbols they discovered in the course of their global travels. NOOSA-Amsterdam wants to contribute to a better and more equal world. They accomplish this by selling beautiful and meaningful fashion accessories. Their products are made from honest and natural materials.

The Peruvian shawl are made by the people from the Andes mountains using alpaca wool. This is something you definitely need in your wardrobe during traveling or just casually thrown over your outfit. These gorgeous Alpaca wool blankets are used during the rituals surrounding the Pachamama festival, which is celebrated deep in these mountains. The Pachamama collection consists of a handmade shawl and bracelets made from alpaca wool. This was inspired by the hand-woven fabrics made from alpaca wool, which are used during these celebrations. To complete your look why not add these handmade bracelets that have been made by craftsmen in the Chinchero region. The patterns depicted on the NOOSA Amsterdam Pachamama bracelets have a rich tradition in this area and are made from 50% alpaca wool, 30% wool and 20% acrylic. The bracelet also includes 2 charms, how cute! There is also a matching Pachamama Chunks®, which stands for protection.

Just love the NOOSA concept because you can customize your own combination with Chunks®. Personalize your bracelet, handbag or ring. Your bracelet, ring or other NOOSA product tells your story so you will get a unique item that suits your story and your personal style. Let’s Mix and match NOOSA products!


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