Sporty outfit – It’s that time of the year

sporty-outfit-intreza-irenevanguin-sport-schoenen sporty-outfit-intreza-irenevanguin-sport-schoenen-nike


Sporty outfit

Wearing: Off shoulder sweatshirt /bra / running shoes shorts 

Sportswear as a fashion trend has been evolving for the past few years. For spring 2015 it continues on! Sweatshirts, shorts and trainers are perfect choice for a stylish sporty outfit. Say goodbye to droopy sweatpants and ill-fitting T-shirts. A fresh sporty outfit fuses the best of two worlds: luxury and minimalism. Sleek and clean but with recognizable athletic influences. The sporty minimalism is defined by clean shapes, little embellishments, all veiled by an overall sophisticated feel. By modifying a few pieces of your wardrobe, you can easily add an element of style to your sport attire. I always loved the off shoulder top inspired by Jennifer Beals. It can be worn while sporting of just casually with a pair of jeans. If you have a bunch of old chunky sweaters in your closet why not turn these into sexy sportswear? Give your sweatshirt a retro look by cutting it to reveal one of your shoulders. Pick out an old sweatshirt or any other collared top. Cut it with a scissor into a chic fashionable off shoulder shirt or a crop top! Another essential piece must be the shoes. The rise of the sneaker is just part of fashion’s ongoing obsession with sportswear. Even if none of those shoes are meant for the gym. Kick your wardrobe into shape with spring’s athletic aesthetics. According to your own aesthetic, search for pieces that will effortlessly blend in your wardrobe to create that sporty outfit.  A fashionable fit for spring and summer but still true to your style. Choose basic silhouettes with sporty twists that are easy to complement to dress up or down for any occasion. A sporty look might just bring a energy vibe to go for a work out!

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