Time to get cheesy a cheese board with cute mouse knives

kikkerland-cheese-board-irenevanguin-interior-food-design-mouse kikkerland-cheese-board-irenevanguin-interior-food-mouse-cheesy kikkerland-cheese-board-irenevanguin-interior-food-mouse

 Cheese board and mouse knives via Kikkerland

Time to get cheesy

I’m a huge fan of cheese and I was also a huge fan of Tom & Jerry’s. This little cute cheeseboard is great for picnics, date night, or any occasion that calls for cheese. I live for cheese, and have those rituals most nights. Early in the evening I take the night’s cheese out of the refrigerator so it can come to room temp. I can eat it solo just fine, but lately have been really into fig compote. This is unbelievably good with almost any cheese. My current faves are Old Amsterdammer, blue cheese, and any young pecorino I can find (pecorino and honey is another great combo).

What is your favorite cheese and how do you serve your cheese? Isn’t it a pure enjoyment?




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