Chirashi don – Sushi in a bowl




 Chirashi Don

A very popular, convenient and simple way to eat Sushi at Home in Japan. Chirashi Sushi, or “Scattered Sushi”, came on the horizon along with Maki Sushi (rolled sushi) around the 18th century. Another close translation for it is sushi rice salad just to give you another idea for the basic original Japanese meaning of the word. The ingredients (or “gu”) are scattered or topped on sushi rice with no rolling or shaping involved. A no muss, no fuss type of Sushi perfect for families and quick at home preparation, and also a convenient dish to make use of leftovers that may be available. Serving is a snap too, as it can be served in individual bowls or it can be placed in a single large bowl where everybody can spoon out what they want into their own serving bow

Surprisingly, the most popular types of Chirashi Sushi in Japan actually contain no meat. Only vegetables, eggs, fried tofu, etc. Other ingredients that go well in it are crab, avocado,  carrots, green beans, unagi (eel), omelette slices any kind of fresh sashimi!

Find here my version of the Chirashi Don: Sushi rice, Cucumber, Surimi sticks, Egg (Tamago), Salmon via Schmidt Zeevis and some seaweed to top it off. Et Voila, dinner is served!


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