Today’s vegetable snack: Frozen edamame, quick cooked and served still in the shell.
Edamame (fresh soy beans) are a quick, easy, tasty snack. Whether you buy them fresh or frozen, you can cook them up in a snap and flavor them to your taste. Edamame is becoming increasingly easy to find. At one time it was only available in Asian supermarkets or specialist stores. Edamame is high in protein and, for a bean, low in carbohydrate. This makes it perfect for people who are following a low carbohydrate diet. Being high in protein edamame is also ideal for vegetarians and vegans who do not receive protein in their diet from meat or fish products.
How to:
Bring the water to a boil. Drop the frozen edamame into the water and let cook until done but still bright green (2-3 minutes). You don’t want to overcook them because they will become mushy.
Drain and place on a plate with a pile of seasalt on the side.
Edamame can be eaten as a starter, in a salad or as an accompaniment to a main course.


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