DIY sushi
Getting tired of the same restaurant served sushi? I know you do. Why don’t you whip up your own homemade sushi rolls with a creamy twist. Here’s a recipe how to make it without a mess plus easy to find ingredients at your kitchen. Homemade creamy sushi is perfect for parties, sleep-over snacks and even for your own cravings. Taste the fusion of traditional cooking added with a different twist.

2 cups newly cooked rice
2 tbsp. Sushi rice vinegar
4 sheets seaweed or nori                                                                             

1 pack Monchou cream cheese
1 tbsp. wasabi
1/4 cup mayonnaise
Chuka wakame (seasoned seaweed)

Tataki salmon
In Japanese, “tataki” means quick-seared on the grill, leaving all but a thin exterior layer uncooked. Marinade the Salmon in the Soy sauce mixture. Heat a lightly greased frying pan. Sear the fish until the outside of the flesh just turns white. Using a pair of chopsticks, turn and sear the other side, then immediately chill in the refrigerator or freeze to stop the fish from cooking further. Once the fish has cooled, wipe away any moisture and sprinkle the whole fillet in sesame. Cut the marinated fish into small slices 1/2-inch thick.

2 tbsp. Soy sauce
2 tbsp. Honey
2 tbsp. Sushi rice vinegar


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