A fancy dessert in 15 min…..

A light summery tiramisu twist with the addition of fresh strawberries, crunchy amaretti biscuits & amaretto in 15 minutes! Like most of us would make tiramisu in a kinda lasagne style dish and it takes a whole lot of precious time. Why don’t we try the lazy version of tiramisu but with a fancy twist. Serving strawberry tiramisu in mini glasses makes it look cute and chic ♥ 
Now let’s get started!
Ingredients – Serves 6:
400 g fresh strawberries
1 pack amaretti biscuits
2 sachets of vanilla sugar
4 tablespoons almond liquor
250 g mascarpone cheese
250 cream Cottage cheese
1 x espresso
1 x deep-sided glass bowl or  small mini glasses
How to?
1) Mix the cottage cheese with the mascapone. Pop the vanilla sugar and amaretto into bowl and whisk  stir into the mixture.
2) Chop a quarter of the strawberries and add to the mascarpone mixture. Slice the rest of the strawberries for decoration. 
3) Now dip some of the amaretti cookies into the espresso and line the bottom of your bowl (or dessert glasses if you’re doing individual ones). Then add a layer of strawberries and spread over some of the mixture. Repeat this creating your layers. It depends on your bowl whether you end up with two or several layers but it won’t affect the taste
4) End up layering with the mascarpone mixture on top it of with some strawberries. 
5) Serve directly or leave it in the fridge until dessert time!
Et voila! Let’s get the party started!


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