Green smoothie spinach tomato


Green smoothie

Let’s face it – with our busy schedules, we don’t always have time to sit down and eat a healthy salad or prepare proper healthy dish. Spinach is typically thought of as a lunch or dinner ingredient in a savory recipe, so spinach in a fruit smoothie may sound strange at first.  You might not think that tomatoes would work well in a green smoothie. Surprisingly, they do! They blend well with sweet fruits like mangoes, as well as savory ones like avocado.


10 Cherry tomatoes

1 handful of spinach leaves

50 ml milk

1/2 avocado

*A pinch of tabasco ( optional)

Blend up and store in a huge jug or glass jar and refrigerate till you finish the smoothie. Make sure you shake up the jar well as the greens will settle out from the other ingredients. This will last you for a few hours so take with you to sip along the way while running errands, doing the gym thing, or whatever you are doing for the day.

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