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Oysters provide the daily recommended allowance of a group of vitamins, iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium and selenium. However, opening an oyster can become a real headache as the purpose is to get the meat out without damaging it. 
The most popular and easiest way to open oysters is to use a special knife called the oyster knife with a significantly short and solid blade.

Nevertheless, using the oyster knife to separate the meat from the shell also demands skill and practice. 

1. Thoroughly wash oysters under running water to remove odor, salt residues and barnacles. 

2. Take a towel and place the oyster at the center of it. Make sure the hinge is visible and you can easily stick the knife where the two shells open and close without needing to move it.

3. Hold the oyster tightly and gently but firmly push the knife inside the two shells. You do not have to push it too deep inside the shells; about half an inch is enough without risking damaging the meat inside. Just make sure you keep the oyster level to avoid losing all the delicious liquid inside it.

4. Then, slide the knife across the hinge to cut off any muscle that keeps the two shells attached. Twist the knife smoothly holding the oyster tightly until you hear it opening.

5. Remove the top shell keeping the oyster level. To take out the meat in one whole piece you have to slide the knife just under it until you fully detach it from the shell. 
6. Serve with Lemon and Tabasco! YUM!
With a little practice and the right technique, you will be able to open an oyster in light speed! Bon appetite!

Oyster knife & plant via Dille&Kamille


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