Sunday treats






Make the most of the weekend and fill the house with family and friends. Celebrate the weekend with special treats. I have found some great treats plus some cakes via Sue-Food to cheer you up on this lovely day!

But I firmly believe that you don’t need any excuse for cake.
Crave these delicious cakes for a drool-worthy treat you will devour:
Snickers with Chocolade bottom
Bounty with coconut filling and chocolade topping
Carrot cake with ‘raw’ carrot, lemon buttercream and walnut topping
Choco-Avo Pistache with choco-avocado filling en choco-pistache topping
Key Lime Pie with lime filling
Cheesecake with Almond-walnut bodem, cashew and lemon filling, topped with a blueberry.
Are you going to treat yourself?

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