Destino Rotterdam

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 Destino Rotterdam Address: Zaagmolenkade 37/38,  3035 KA  Rotterdam

Last night we ate at the tapas restaurant Destino, what a party! Tapas with a modern twist. All dishes are equally well prepared and above all fresh! You can enjoy the most delicious and yet healthy snacks. While you are sampling the most delicious tapas, it’s very easy to imagine yourself in lovely and sunny Spain. Every little bite will result in a explosion of flavors and will leave you wanting for more. The forthcoming staff will happily pour you a glass of fine wine to accompany all that good food. Delicious authentic tapas dishes and a friendly atmosphere that is pure, genuine.  We had some of their famous croquettes, a delicious beetroot salad, calamaris a la plancha, mussels all prepared with surprisingly combinations of ingredients. Also, the desserts are tapas minded and certainly a topper. Destino is the restaurant where, if it would be in Spain, the local Spaniards are going. Definitely the best in town!

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