HOTSPOT FG restaurant

A 3 course Lunch menu at FG Restaurant was AMAZING. This restaurant blew us away. Food that triggers and inspires. Food that brings back long forgotten memories. Food that is enjoyed together. The power of simple and pure. The magic of combining. The art of leaving things out. The history, the guts and the innovation of Rotterdam.

Appetizer: Piccalilly sorbet with stardust candy
Appetizer: Cake with duck liver mousse
Starter: Roasted leek with potato creme and soured mussels 
First course: Thymus with coquilles
Main course: Mashed potatoes with mushroom and beef


This was one of the best experiences we had in Michelin Star restaurants! We were looking for one and at the end were extremely happy that we managed to find FG restaurant. We visited it for lunch time and each course was something amazing! Matching wines were well chosen by the staff, as was the desert wine, no hang over whatsoever or ‘Asian glow’, something I have easily due to my Asian roots as I’m not used to regular drinking. At the end we had the millionaires biscuit which was a chocolate desert with mango ice-cream. I can tell for sure that this was the best Michelin Star we tasted and would definitely like to have opportunity to be there again!

Address: Lloydstraat 204, 3024 EA Rotterdam


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