Euromast – Rotterdam skyline

 Wearing: H&M trend dress & Celine trio bag
The Euromast is a must for visitors to Rotterdam. In case you get a guests from abroad or you want to refresh your own knowledge of the biggest port of the World, it is absolutely MUST place to visit. The Euromast Tower has now been around for over fifty years and still remains one of the best attractions in Rotterdam. Although the lifts are beginning to show their age. It is well worth a trip to the top of the Euromast for spectacular views over the port and city. The Euroscoop is a domed shape enclosed ring that elevates and rotates, to give you a full 360 degrees view at a maximum height of 185 metre. It is very similar to the BT tower in London, or the CN tower in Toronto, and has the usual eating, drinking & shop facilities. We went here for dinner for our 5th anniversary (Yeahjjjjjj time flies). The food was excellent and the staff efficient.  We really enjoyed our visit to the Euromast. The panoramic views were just breathtaking… I Love this city  ♥


Address: Parkhaven 20  /  3016 GM Rotterdam   / T 010-436 48 11


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