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wereldmuseum-rotterdam-irenevanguin-restaurant-hoofdgerecht-lunch wereldmuseum-rotterdam-irenevanguin-restaurant-blog-hotspotWereldmuseum                                                                          ph. 6 via Laura van Till

The Wereldmuseum is situated in the stately Shipping Quarter, one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Rotterdam. Prince Hendrik’s former ballroom offers a wonderful view over the Maas River. The chandeliers and original golden ornaments, the six-meter-high ceiling, and the parquet floor all recall the grandeur of old. This ballroom is just breathtaking.

Gold of the Gods exhibition ( 2 October 2014 to 28 June 2015)

Find here the mysterious world of the Javanese Kingdom remained closed to outsiders for over a thousand years, with only the statues hewn from lava rock at Borobudur displaying the wealth with which the Javanese rulers venerated their gods. The Wereldmuseum is bringing you a world première with its exhibition Gold of the Gods. It is a privilege to show you the most extensive collection of Javanese gold from the seventh to the eleventh centuries on display today, the beauty of which can barely be grasped by contemporary audiences.

The restaurant, which looks out on the historic ferry harbour, has an atmosphere all its own. Refined dishes inspired by modern Mediterranean cuisine, the unique location, and gracious hospitality go together to make your dinner a special experience. Dishes are prepared using organically grown ingredients as much as possible. Find here the photos of our three-course lunch. Make sure to visit their restaurant for an exquisite lunch or dinner!



Willemskade 22-25

3016 DM Rotterdam

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