2 x style your dresser


Anyone who has ever lived in a small space (a studio, tiny apartment, dorm, etc.) knows how valuable any and all surface. Find here the dresser combination of classic, heavy oak and the huge contrast with sleek, glossy, super modern MDF. This High on Wood cabinet/dresser will hold everything you don’t want to reveal to the world.  Find here the first look of styling the dresser.


I was searching for nice frames to frame some of my posters and art and found some nice ones via  OTTO.

Zuiver High on Wood  dresser or similar  OTTO Zela 2 doors  / Desenio posters/ OTTO Frames / Elho Palm tree pot 



It’s very easy to add a table lamp , candle, and a pile of jewelry on it and call it a day—or you can make the most of this precious flat surface by investing in the right storage accessories and turning it into something much more functional and stylish.

Ingredients for styling:

  • Candles
  • lamp
  • trays
  • Books
  • something pretty—a framed photo, trinket, or fresh flowers
  • Plants to finish the space


Second look:



Zuiver High on Wood cabinet / Zuiver Floor lamp Kikkerland brass plant mister / Kikkerland wood candle holders / The Posterclub – Kristina Krogh, Levels / Hema vase


Ready to style your dresser?



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