3 x Botanical Patterned Wallpaper

Nowadays there is nothing like spending loads of time indoors to make you entirely rethink your interior décor at home. It may involve major cravings to change the house in a totally different vibe. A simple way to stir up your interior is with patterned wallpaper for example with KEK Amsterdam behang, which can bring some much-needed drama to any room — or it can make it feel totally overpowering. Find here 3 different nature / botanical garden (Botanisch behang) inspired patterned wallpapers that will help you achieve your desired effect that will boost up your walls. Even if the idea of prints makes you nervous.

Whether you prefer the bigger the better or something more with a minimalist aesthetic, there are different sorts of wallpaper (Luxe behang) that works best for your home. By playing with tones, textures and  scale, your renewed walls could even become your favourite part of the room.


1. Try Muted Palettes

Just because you don’t want to add too much color to a room doesn’t mean you have to avoid a bold pattern. A minimalistic style can still make a statement even when sticking to a muted palette. Go for something with a pattern if the color combination is not too overwhelming. This wallpaper brand for example has floral and geometric patterns in just one neutral color. Muted floral wallpaper infuses a space with a fresh approach that creates the perfect backdrop for a chic and effortless twist on minimalistic interiors.


Engraved Flowers I Fotobehang WP-327 Behang 194,8 x 280 cm



Arte Itaya 75401 Behang


2. Try green

We all know that a color will dictate the mood of your room. Muted palettes such as neutrals, whites, and light pastels can create a calm space, though darker colors are also an outstanding choice for a bedroom to make it feel more intimate and cosy. If want an oasis in the house but with that tranquil feel in the room, don’t overlook green wallpapers (Groen behang) for a soothing nature effect.


Banana Tree Behangpaneel PA-010 Behang


Monstera Leaves WP-500 Behang 97,4 x 280 cm


Monstera Leaves WP-584 Behang

3. Add texture

For an additional accent you can work with textures wallpapers. Bring the nature in house with pattern play and an organic touch.



Arte Itaya 75401 Behang

arte-tropicalia-29530-behangTropicalia 29530 Behang


Arte Bambou 80020 Behang



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